Wind & Willow

Wind & Willow Sweet Cheeseball & Dessert Mixes




Carrot Cake- Any time you gather with friends and family is a good time for a Carrot Cake Cheeseball.   And if you are by yourself and wanting to binge on your favorite tv series?  Also a good time!  Sweet carrots, crunchy nuts, cinnamon, spice, and that decadent icing.  Everything you love about a great carrot cake without having to bake a cake!  

Key Lime Pie - They W&W #1 best selling sweet Cheeseball Mix bursts with the tangy taste of fresh limes.  Make any day feel like a tropical get-away!  Serve as an easy cheeseball, make a quick key lime cheesecake or try the new Margarita Cheesecake Recipe!

Chocolate Chip - A perennial favorite Dessert Cheeseball Mix. 

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