Natural Inspirations

Natural Inspirations Lavender Ylang Foot Balm


Pamper & revitalize your dry feet &cracked heels with our intensively nourishing foot balm. Coconut OilShea Butter & Cocoa Butter quickly absorb to deeply moisturize without leaving a sticky residue. Calendula OilArnica Oil & Tea Tree Oil help soothe, heal & revive.


• SHEA BUTTER - Rich in vitamins and minerals intensely moisturize skin
• COCOA BUTTER - Rich in Vitamin E to nourish skin
• COCONUT OIL - Skin softener, antibacterial and antifungal
• ARNICA OIL - Anti-inflammatory
• TEA TREE OIL - Anti-fungal
• CALENDULA - Antiseptic
• 2 oz (57 g)

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