Pickwick & Co.

Pickwick & Co. Champagne


sparkling wine + cassis + white florals

A delicate aquatic blend of sparkling wine, grapes, hyacinth, cassis, white florals, sandalwood, and a hint of strawberry.

An invigorating fragrance that combines stimulating eucalyptus with aromatic notes of white peach, Italian lemon, and musk. Spa fresh. 

The Product: Always made in small batches and always hand-poured, Pickwick & Co. collaborates with some of the most established and reputable perfume houses in the world to create fresh and original fragrances for the home. Known for our clean, honest single note florals as well as a complex, layered fragrance, Pickwick & Co continues to push the envelope to offer the finest fragrance portfolio in the marketplace today.

Candles are made with premium fragrances using natural and essential oils with an all-natural soy and vegetable blend wax and a clean-burning cotton and zinc wick.

10 oz. Approximate 60-hour burn-time.

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