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We are proud to carry Naot footwear and everyone on our team can tell you just how comfortable, durable, and stylish they are!

Naot shoes are crafted by hand in Israel using ethically-sourced, high-quality materials. They combine fine Italian leathers with their signature insoles and advanced designs, make for an unparalleled combination of quality, fashion and comfort.</p>

Your feet work too hard… Allow them to soak in the oasis that is a pair of Naots!

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Save $105.00NAOT Advanced Black Bootie
NAOT Advanced Black Bootie Sale price$105.00 Regular price$210.00
NAOT Halvah Pink Plum Nubuck
NAOT Halvah Ivory Soft Leather
NAOT Frey Soft Ivory Leather
NAOT Frey Soft Chestnut Leather
NAOT Ashley Black Madras Leather
NAOT Ashley Silver Threads Leather
NAOT Throne Sapphire Blue Lthr
NAOT Crepe Sage Nubuck w/ Off White Sole
NAOT Throne -Marigold
NAOT Throne -Marigold Sale price$170.00
NAOT Crepe Sandal- Gold Radiant Leather
NAOT Meringue Sandal - Black Leather
NAOT Dynasty Sandal - Blush/Caramel/Rose Gold
NAOT Tropical Sandal - Black LeatherNAOT Tropical Sandal - Black Leather
NAOT Tropical Sandal - Caramel Leather
NAOT Tropical Sandal - Marigold Leather
NAOT Crepe Sandal - Caramel Leather
NAOT Anabel Sandal - Ivory & White
NAOT Recent Sandal - Shiny Black Leather
NAOT Recent Sandal - Soft Silver Leather
NAOT Recent Sandal - Gold Radiant Leather
NAOT Dorith Sandal - Sapphire Blue Leather
Save $15.00NAOT Kayla Sandal - Red Kiss LeatherNAOT Kayla Sandal - Red Kiss Leather
NAOT Kayla Sandal - Red Kiss Leather Sale price$140.00 Regular price$155.00
NAOT Anabel Sandal - Navy
NAOT Santa Barbara Vegan Sandal - Denim
NAOT Autan - Black Soft Leather
NAOT Alize - Cognac Soft Leather
NAOT Krypton - Black Gray Knit
Save $97.50NAOT Choice - Ivory Soft Leather
NAOT Choice - Ivory Soft Leather Sale price$97.50 Regular price$195.00
NAOT Autan - Soft Stone Leather
NAOT Krypton - Blue Dark Grey Knit
Save $97.00NAOT Choice - Hunter Green Leather
NAOT Choice - Hunter Green Leather Sale price$98.00 Regular price$195.00
NAOT Autan - Ink Soft Leather
NAOT Ethic - Black Soft Leather
Save $97.00NAOT Choice - Black Leather
NAOT Choice - Black Leather Sale price$98.00 Regular price$195.00
NAOT Alize - Almond Suede
NAOT Alize - Black Soft Leather
NAOT Sintra - Bark Nubuck Almond
NAOT Helm - Cognac Leather/Brown Suede
Save $115.00NAOT Helm - Tan Zebra Leather with Soft Black
NAOT Helm - Tan Zebra Leather with Soft Black Sale price$100.00 Regular price$215.00
NAOT Moko - Bark Nubuck/Soft Black Leather
NAOT Patu - Black Soft Leather
NAOT Oxygen - Black Soft Leather
NAOT Ethic - Acorn Suede
NAOT Ethic - Acorn Suede Sale price$240.00
NAOT Sintra - Ink Leather/Midnight Blue Suede
NAOT Moko - Soft Black Leather with Khaki Beige
NAOT Helm Bootie - Black Water-Resistant Leather
NAOT Admiral - Soft White/Light Gray/Beige/Soft Ivory/Sandstone