FLÎKR FIRE (In Stock) Only available in-store or by Phone *Call 814-623-7216


A flame bigger than a candle, more portable than a fireplace!  Add ambiance anywhere around your home.       


Fuel: Isopropyl Alcohol (Rubbing Alcohol) 70-91%

Run Time: 45-60 Min

Design: Liquid Tight High-Temperature Cement


*Never add fuel to a lit fireplace.  Assure that the flame is completely out before adding more fuel.

*Do not attempt to blow out. Cover to snuff out only (A drink coaster works)

*Never leave unattended

*Never move, touch, or refill the fireplace while burning or hot

*Flame follows fuel- so spilled fuel should be wiped up (use a dry paper towel or rag) before lighting.

A note from the company -

We proudly advertise that FLÎKR Fire will not produce carbon monoxide or put soot into your home. while this is true we want to clarify a few things. While some fuels produce carbon monoxide as a by-product of burning, isopropyl alcohol does not. However, in the absence of enough oxygen ANY fuel (even a cigarette lighter) can begin to produce carbon monoxide and soot. this can occur for various reasons but most often in a tightly sealed space (which often contain an air exchanger). Knowing this we have always said that FLÎKR Fire must only be burned in a well-ventilated room; by, “well-ventilated” we mean the active exchange of air (thereby oxygen). However, the more FLÎKR Fire gets out into the world (yay!) the more we realize the need to further educate both our sellers and buyers. Unfortunately, given the possible variations in a home, there is no single standard or test by which we can guarantee plentiful oxygen. So as a refinement of our statement about being, “well- ventilated” we now say that FLÎKR Fire should not be burned in a room smaller than 300 ft2. To especially ensure soot does not appear around your home no other flames should be lit and a window must be cracked in the room FLÎKR Fire is burning. Also regularly wipe outburn chamber. If soot appears anywhere other than where flame touches stop using FLÎKR Fire indoors as this can signal a lack of oxygen in your environment. With tens of thousands of units sold, we have had .0001% of customers report a problem with soot. But FLÎKR Fire is more than a business to us and we are driven to get the number of issues to absolute zero. We continue to sell with confidence in our product while we are excited to keep problem-solving with any and all customers.


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