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Moonglow Crepuscule Cuff Bracelet - Gold

Sale price$79.00

Moonglow is jewelry featuring a picture of the moon from the date of your choice. Birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, the birth of a child -- no matter the moment or milestone, we can match the moon to the occasion. Moonglow shines by day and actually glows at night after being exposed to direct sunlight.

The newest Moonglow open gold cuff gets its name from the French word for twilight (pronounced kreh•peh•skul) that dreamy time of day when the sun has set but it’s not quite dark yet; the golden moon begins to rise, and a faint twinkle of the stars can be seen. 

This bracelet cuff features a mini Moon on one end and a beautiful star on the other. The star represents the future, and the Moon stands for the past. Together they represent a cycle that links our past with our present to create who we will be in the future.

A finishing touch to any outfit, from comfy to casual, to all dressed up. Layered with other Moonglow favorites or worn alone as a statement piece, this cuff in gold is versatile and fun. Wear this moon cuff bracelet to remember how important it is for us not only to reflect on where we've been but also what lies ahead. These considerations help us create who we are today.

Easy to slip on, it keeps a special moment close to you whenever you wear it. All you have to do is select a date you would like to remember and celebrate, and we craft this beautiful gold cuff for you, complete with the moon phase from that date. This moon cuff bracelet glows in the dark just like the Moon (It’s always with you for all your moments). 

  • 10mm moon image
  • 18k gold-plated cuff bracelet
  • Adjustable bracelet
  • 6.5" circumference  

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Moonglow Crepuscule Cuff Bracelet - Gold
Moonglow Crepuscule Cuff Bracelet - Gold Sale price$79.00